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Our shirt

The shirt is made by a signature fabric that combines style with performance. It delivers functionality while maintaining a simple yet elegant look.

It is the shirt that allows your upper body the feeling of unrestricted movement. It keeps up with the demands of your athletic body build and higher metabolism. All this while feeling unbelievable soft on your skin.

High-quality. Simple. Functional.

 The performance of the shirt is ensured by a multi-step treatment which offers high-quality functionalities.

  • The wrinkle-resistant finish to keep you looking sharp
  • A cooling effect to regulate your body temperature when you feel hot
  • Swiss-developed Sanitized® treatment to allow the fabric stay fresh even when you sweat.

 The entire production takes place within the EU. The fabric is woven in Portugal from an optimal blend that is lightweight, wear-resistant and stretching: 75% cotton, 21% polyamide, 4% lycra. This shirt is fully crafted in EU by people with a long history of producing men clothes.

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  • Lightweight (112 gsm) and stretching fabric
  • Fabric composition: 75% cotton, 21% polyamide, 4% lycra
  • Treated fabric
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  • Custom cut for a muscular physique
  • Minimalistic Danish design. Made in EU
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  • High-quality trims:
    – invisible placket 
    – rounded cuffs with 2 buttoning options 
    – reinforced collars and cuffs
    – ascolite button for superior hold
    – high-density stitching (min. 7/cm)

Product Version 1.0

All our efforts were put into crafting the most comfortable shirt for the trained body. We measured and tested on real men, asked for feedback, searched for the suitable materials and manufacturers.

The result? A singular product that encompasses all the benefits: one color (white), in 10 sizes reimagined for the particularities of the muscled upper body.

 However, we strive to become better and grow. That is why we are encouraging our customers to get in touch with us and share their feedback on what they want improved.

At the core of our brand, is co-creating with our customers. In our opinion, is the only way to create complete satisfaction and innovate.

Do you have special requirements? Tell us. Do you have an idea on how to improve the shirt to fit you better? Tell us. Do you require more? TELL US.

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