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Our commitments

 We start small, so we can pay attention and iterate fast

We revel in the main strength our size and our singular focus offers us: being able to adopt an agile way of working.

It means that we are producing in small batches so that we can sustain continuous improvement of our design based on the feedback of our customers, through a co-creation process. You speak, we listen and then implement.

Plus, we minimize the risk of overproducing and wasting resources.

No more textile waste

 We are working hard to implement strategies for cyclability

It is a hard truth that the rapidly growing fashion industry has negative environmental and social impacts. We believe it is our duty as a brand to adopt a circular model for the end-of-life cycle of our shirts. 

Our ambition is to establish partnerships with garment collectors so that our products don’t end up in landfills. We plan to instate a returning procedure of our garments by the customers, after which we send them to a textile recycling company, to ensure a proper disposal and allowing the fibers to be reused. For every shirt sold, we are going to encourage our customers to contribute to the circular system set in place for our garments. 

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Careful design 

The choice of the fabric of our shirt is not accidental and not without deep considerations. Our main focus is to create the most comfortable and best-fitting garment for men with special body shape. This is why we opted for a blend that contains polyamide and lycra fibers to provide the essential elasticity for freedom of movement. Plus, the blend ensures a long-lasting garment.

Most recent studies have shown that for fabric blends of cotton with synthetic fibers, cotton is experiencing the majority microfiber shedding caused by washing. That is why activewear maintains its shape better than exclusively cotton garments.

Roadmap to sustainability

The rising concern of microplastic and microfiber shedding by the washing of clothes containing synthetic fibers has been at the forefront of our minds during our development process.

Embracing the sustainable design principles, our long-term strategic approaches on our roadmap also include:

– Working on partnering with companies specialized in microplastic management

– Intensive R&D efforts for in-house designed fabrics to substitute the petroleum-based fibers with lower impact and natural-sourced ones without affecting the stretchiness of our shirts

– Reduce the use of plastic in our packaging, including tags and structural packaging

– Adopt a transparent supply chains and measure all the contributing factors and assets. Ultimate goal: become certified as a fully ethical brand


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